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Gabe Tandoh and Jess Moses of Body Inspiration
About Us

Who is Body Inspiration?

With over 12 years of combined experience, Body Inspiration is a dynamic duo consisting of Gabe Tandoh and Jess Moses. Both are ISSA Certified Personal Trainers and are on a mission to help you achieve your personal goals throughout your fitness journey. 

Whatever your goal may be, Gabe and Jess are devoted to helping you achieve it with fun and challenging work outs, while also guiding you through the importance of proper nutrition.

What We Do

Become the Best Version of YOU

Personal Training

Are you looking to transform your lifestyle? Body Inspiration provides one-on-one and group training session options to help you kickstart your transformation!

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Group Classes

Are you looking to get started on your personal goals but aren’t sure where to start? Join one of our group classes offered throughout the year.

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Massage Therapy

Work with a Certified Massage Therapist to help positively influence the well-being of your body, promote relaxation, and relieve muscle tension. 

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Client Transformation

Meet Jeremy

In 2016, Jeremy came to Body Inspiration with the goal of becoming a body builder. Jeremy had met Colin Clarke, a body builder with down syndrome, at the NDSC convention and was immediately inspired.


What Clients Say About Body Inspiration

  • Gabe is an incredible personal trainer that exceeded my expectations, adapted my workout and motivation to optimize my results, and who’s consistent professionalism mixed with his personality makes working out truly fun.I started to workout with Gabe as my personal trainer Jan 1st of this year (2018) and saw results within weeks (by week 4 dropped 8lbs; by week 10 dropped a total of 12lbs) all the while building a ton of muscle of which my wife very much appreciates! I highly recommend Gabe’s personal training for anyone, from someone who just wants to lose weight to someone who wants to build a lot of muscle and get toned. He exceeded my expectations and I’ll continue to work with him to meet my next set of personal fitness goals.

    Jim Ring
  • Gabe Tandoh has helped me create a whole new outlook on my health, and abilities. He has been kind, and supportive with every session I have had. I thought I was too old to make a difference in my strength and ability, but he has coached me forward and given me the encouragement to keep going even after the challenge. Anyone in search of “getting started”, no matter your age or physicality would benefit with Gabe’s guidance. And, I find him to be a very friendly person who wants to help the fitness world one session at a time. You’re the best Gabe Tandoh. Thank You!

    Marion Jones
  • Gabe is a no crap trainer. If you want to be motivated in a you can do this way he is the guy. I have taken his group fitness classes and after 20 years of teaching myself he constantly comes up with creative things to keep it fun and motivated. He attracts many people that are nothing but amazing and willing to help and be supportive if modifications are needed. Next step is PT sessions with this guy.

    Karen Sokierka Michaelson
  • Having Gabe as my trainer has been the best decision I’ve made for my fitness. I’ve tried many different diets and working out on my own with very limited success. Gabe is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, and really takes an interest in getting you to your goals by customizing a training plan just for you. In three months with Gabe I’ve dropped two pant and shirt sizes and he’s really set me up for success beyond his training. Gabe is available for support at ANY hour of the day/night and motivates and inspires with his many different success stories. He is always coming up with new and creative ways to keep his clients engaged and on-track with the workout as well as creating ways to get over the “excuses” by making pre-made meals and snacks for his clients. If you’re looking for that motivation to get in shape, or just someone that can give you new ideas for working out, Gabe is your trainer.

    Rob Tyson
  • I have been working with Gabe for about 5 years! It was late 2012/early 2013. I had my diabetes diagnosis for about 2 years and was looking for a way to get through the holidays/ manage my health and train for my first relay triathlon! At the time, Gabe was at the old Brooklyn Park Anytime location! Working with Gabe has taught me the hardest thing to do-hold myself accountable! His coaching, training and guidance is pretty much the same as my diabetes healthcare providers that I work with; they all hold me accountable to maintain my health and to stay alive!!! I have come a long way with working with Gabe Tandoh!!! What I am most proud of is that he pushes me to push myself! I am so proud of him for encouraging me to use exercise, fitness and nutrition to manage my diabetes!! Thanks Gabe!!!!

    Tammy Marienda McLemore

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